Single-day Adventure

Learn the ins and outs about sled dog racing and train your own dog team! You will be involved in all daily activities, like feeding the dogs and preparing training trips, to be highly rewarded with an unforgettable expedition on frozen lakes and majestic mountains. Experience the sound of silence and be one with nature. During the day you get to know Stein Håvard Fjestad and learn about his undeniable love for mushing and long-distance racing. He has some fascinating stories to tell. After a full day in the outdoors, dogs are resting and mushers relax at the kitchen table after making a nice warm meal together.

Good, warm clothing are an essential part of the expedition on the sled. Temperatures can be low and standing still while driving the sled for hours can be chilly if clothing is not appropriate. Please read the following list carefully, this is what you need to wear:

  • Wool / synthetic next-to-skin base layer

  • Wool or fleece layer

  • Scarf

  • Warm hat

  • Thin gloves

  • Woolen mittens

  • 2 pairs of wool socks

  • Snow boots

  • Snow pants

We provide:

  • A warm coat(parka with hood)

  • Overshoes

  • Headlamp and batteries

  • Working gloves


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NOK 2200 p.p

Total duration: 1 day, starting at 9:00am

Maximum: 1-6 persons. There is also possibility to arrange tour for bigger groups.

Sleeping: Can be arranged, but needs to be booked in advance.

Included: Lunch, drinks and snacks, diner, sled dog expedition in the mountains, English/Norwegian/French/Lithuanian/Russian speaking guides.