The Dogs

Fjestad Husky Kennel has 40 Alaskan Huskies. We are a racing kennel and our goal is to develop each athlete to the best of their potential. We have both young dogs and racing veterans. They are all being trained to compete in Scandinavia's major sled dog races and eventually the 1600-mile Iditarod. 



One of our best lead dogs. He is a little shy, but is always amped to start running. His contributions are highly appreciated. 


A happy dog who absolutely loves your attention. He likes to lie down on his back when you pet him, which makes it very hard to bootie him! A reliable force in the yard, always ready to work.


Bambus loves to play and hang out with her teammates. She is bursting with energy and always happy to get some exercise.


As the name implies; a reliable guy. Trofast is a strong and steady worker and always friendly to his team mates.



One of our future lead dogs. From her very first sprint, Blink has shown great potential to lead. She is tough and independent but loves a cuddle ones in a while


Krepp is as reliable and steady as his brother Trofast. Calm and content on the chain but jumping of enthusiasm when lined up in the team.


Bulle is born to be wild. His high energy level is very valuable on a long distance trail. He is the slimmest and most light-coated dog in the yard but by no means inferior to his bigger team mates.


A powerful girl with lots of stamina. Kanga is mature and experienced; always a valuable addition to the racing team.